Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ricky Gervais

Hi and welcome to Wednesday Wickedness! We are like other memes in that we will ask you ten questions each and every Wednesday. But our little "twist" is that each week we will pick a famous person and pick ten of their quotes. Each of our questions will be based on the quotes. Got it? Great! Let's begin this week's meme!

Today we picked Ricky Gervais. Here's Wednesday Wickedness!

1. “Why by a book when you can join a library.”
When was your last trip to a library?

2. “People see me in the suit and they know I'm not fooling anyone, they know I'm rock and roll through and through.”
Does your attire properly represent you?

3. “I'm from a little place called England ... We used to run the world before you.”
Do you feel the United States really runs the world?

4. “No one grows up saying 'I hope I work in an office one day?' And that fascinated me. People from 16 to 65 are just thrown together and that is a tantalizing mix.”
When was the last time that you worked in an office like that?

5. “Where there's a will-there's a relative!”
Do you have a will? If yes, have you ever changed it?

6. "When I see a toreador in a bullfight getting gored I think: `Good, you shouldn`t be in there`. What is the pleasure in seeing an animal speared to death? It`s the same with fox hunting. They`re just psychopaths.”
How do you feel about bull fighting and hunting?

7. “Money gives me the creeps and mildly embarrasses me. I get paid too much anyway.”
Have you ever thought that you were over paid for a job?

8. “I hate lateness. I hate people who are late. There is no excuse for turning up late for anything. I`ve never been late for anything in my life. I was actually born a week premature, because I wanted to be early for my own birth.”
Are you usually on time for things?

9. “I have plenty of pet hates. I can`t stand people scraping their plate or slurping their soup. I can`t stand waiting in lines. I hate people talking inanely about the Lord Of The Rings. I hate people whistling. But I`m not like this because I`m famous. I`ve always been a grumpy bastard.”
What are your “pet hates”?

10. “I don`t like all this stupid Gollum begat Wobblo and the Oompa Loompas and...Oh Jesus Christ! There was too much "Oh, God, here come the gloodloys..." Christ Almighty, what are they talking about!?”
Are you a fan of “Lord of the Rings”?

Thanks for checking out our Wednesday craziness. We hope you join us again. Please visit our other player's posts and make a comment. Join us next week for our next meme!


DJ KathyA said...

Thanks Janera for posting Ricky Gervais as this week's quote host. I love Ricky and while I don't care for the implied gay insult in one of his remarks at the Golden Globes, I still love him and support his comedic license in picking on the rich and famous last night.

His genius in creating the concept of THE OFFICE in England for the BBC is what the popular American version is based upon. One of my favorite shows. Stepping off my soapbox now...have a great hump day!

Harriet said...

You guys are nutty :)

Cacai M. said...

Thanks for this WW quote!

Here' my
Here's my WW: Ricky Gervais


noexcuses said...

Sorry, I guess I've been living under a rock somewhere. I watched the Golden Globes, but not from the beginning. I'm sure he is a nice guy, and I feel guilty bashing him, but whatever! Thanks for posting this meme!

samurai said...

WW posted, but again... i post one week late... so... 8)